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Gleeks in California!


It’s 25 years after the members of New Directions graduated and they’ve all found themselves in Los Angeles, California for one reason or another. What happens when their children all end up going to the same high school?

The Hudsons:
Finn Hudson|43| Retired Pro Football Player- Taken
Rachel Hudson|42| Talk Show Host - Taken
Layla Hudson|18| FC: Mila Kunis
Christopher Hudson|16| FC: Zac Efron
Andrea Hudson|15| FC: Sarah Hyland

The Hummel-Andersons:
Kurt Hummel-Anderson
Blaine Hummel-Anderson
Tyler Hummel-Anderson|19| FC: Penn Badgely
Nicole Hummel-Anderson|17| FC: Erin Sanders
Michael Hummel-Anderson|16| FC: Matt Bennett

The Changs:
Mike Chang
Brittany Chang
Stephanie Chang|18| FC: Blake Lively
Jordan Chang|15| FC: Ariana Grande

The Puckermans:
Noah Puckerman
Santana Puckerman
Lindsey Puckerman|18| FC: Emma Stone
Crystal Puckerman|16| FC: Vanessa Hudgens

The Evans:
Sam Evans
Quinn Evans
Dillon Evans|20| FC: Justin Timberlake
Jacob Evans|18| FC: Jesse Eisenberg
Eric Evans|17| FC: Logan Henderson
Justin Evans|16| Matt Prokop



So, this is the moment all of my loyal Nayers have been waiting for since I started obsessively blogging about it!

Here is the list of things I will be giving away, I am not sure how many I will be giving of each, but a lot!!

  • Naya Poster(s)
  • Icons
  • Backgrounds
  • Gifs
  • Naya Rivera Autographed Photo(s) 
  • And A LOT of surprises :)

***If you have anything you’d like to add to this, or have any suggestions, lettme know!

The rules:

  • You must be 13+ 
  • You can like & reblog once every hour (That gives you a pretty big chance!)
  • You must be one of my loyal Nayers (That means followers, for all of you new folks!)
  • Any gender, anywhere :)
  • I will choose the winner randomly!!! on the 29th.
  • A special surprise comes your way in-between East & West Coast showings of I Am Unicorn.

Alright Nayers! Let’s do this! Reblog & Like!